Happy New Year

Acodeon team wishes you all a Happy New Year! Stay awesome, enjoy new hopefully freer 2022, and all the best in the new year. 

Merry Christmas

We wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Acodeon Team! Stay awesome and enjoy this holiday spirit.

Zaposljvamo! Pridruzi se timu.

Za proširenje našeg Acodeon tima tražimo Game developera u Unreal engine 4. Nudimo rad u interaktivnom okruženju start up development …

News – Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

Unreal Engine 5 is now in Early Access. With a new Engine, we’d be able to deliver you more beautiful and exciting games than ever before…

Happy Easter

Easter bunny has arrived at the battlefield but not empty-handed. Find out what it brings in the next weekly update, until then, Happy Easter to all of you!

News – Social media

We are now on social media!
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Weekly updates

Weekly update – More Hazards

Weekly update – More Hazards

March 20, 20212 min read
Chaos on Wheels is upgraded with a more heavy weapon. Great, right? Don’t celebrate yet. The upgrades are coming to hazards so prepare and let’s dive into this week’s updates.
Weekly update – Driver & Turret

Weekly update – Driver & Turret

March 13, 20213 min read
This week’s updates on Chaos on Wheels are new driver, turret base, spike hazards. Yeah I know, spikes aren’t in the title. The title would be too long, and now just you; who read this shall know. You are privileged, so you’re welcome.
Weekly update – New hazards

Weekly update – New hazards

March 6, 20213 min read
This week Chaos on Wheels gets its new hazards. Besides its old hazards; mines, tire spikes, and accelerator, we now have mud pit and destructible trees. Before we continue to new ones, lets rewind old. Mine, tire spikes, …
Weekly update – Garage from Chaos

Weekly update – Garage from Chaos

February 27, 20212 min read
Have you ever dreamed of having a specialized garage where you could work on your dream car? We got you covered! In our garage, you could customize your car easily, and we even make it one step further – now you can …
Weekly update – Chaos on Wheels

Weekly update – Chaos on Wheels

February 20, 20212 min read
We are proud to present to you our new game in development called Chaos on Wheels! Chaos on Wheels is a vehicular combat single-player and local multiplayer chaotic fast-paced but casual game.