Chaos on Wheels Roadmap

Since the release of Chaos on Wheels in Early Access, we have been listening to players’ feedback, and trying to align feedback with our vision for Chaos on Wheels. We finally came up with a plan for the future of Chaos on Wheels. Our goal is to bring the enjoyment of car combat games to as many players as possible, to help them feel what we felt when we played iconic titles in the early ’00.
The illustration below is simple and with not many details, but with all the keywords that should simply illustrate our desired path. We will explain in more detail each milestone below the illustration.

New content, seasonal events, continous support

While we have our milestones set, we’ll provide continual support with regular updates. New content, bugfixing, optimization and seasonal events will be provided during the whole development.

Shift Update

Shift is our first milestone and it’s one that we accomplished even before releasing the roadmap. In Shift update as we call it, we make a quite shift in overall gameplay. We went from “old school hardcore difficulty car combat game” to “casual destruction car combat game”. We made Chaos on Wheels significantly easier and less grindy. Read more about the Shift update also known as Christmas update here 👈

Immersion Update

In the immersion update our main goal will be to make Chaos on Wheels more appealing and for players to more feel car movement and combat around them. Our focus will be in creating new HUD, improving Visual Effects, such as car damage, combat effects, and on-screen effects. The other part is improving Sound Effects, mostly car sounds, weapon and impact sounds, and ambient sounds. We plan to implement water interaction, add tutorial part explaining different pickups and rockets types. Also we plan to add smaller things such as custom car naming.

Combat update

In the Combat milestone we will focus on enriching gameplay and adding new gameplay features and game modes. Game mode Team Deathmatch and features like Melee Attack and Critial Shot Chance will be must have for Chaos on Wheels. Big part of getting your dream ride ready for the mayhem is customization, so Advanced performance car customization will be high on a ToDo list in the Combat milestone. Adding new special rockets with their unique effects and aim assist will be included in Combat milestone as well.

Gold Release

While we prepare for Gold Release we will work on further improving AI, adding new map, adding more pickup types, and generally polishing and optimizing every and each part of Chaos on Wheels making it worthy of becoming v1.0.

Future Expansion

After releasing in Gold, we don’t plan putting our leg off the gas, but rather continue to add more content and continue support with new smaller features, events and bugfixing. Adding new cars, drivers and equipment will be our way of keeping Chaos on Wheels interesting long after the release. DLC with special cars; iconic and crossout from other games is what we plan to do too. Porting to consoles and translating to new languages.

Other features & changes

There is a whole list of features we have brainstorm for Chaos on Wheels, but not everything can be add, so if you want to see something in Chaos on Wheels hop to our Discord Server and voter for that feature in #vote-for-feature channel. If you don’t find it on the list, feel free to add it to #ideas-suggestions channel.

Among the 100+ features and changes available to vote for, here is just a quick peek of some interesting ones:

  • Combo attack
  • Zombies
  • Decal visual car customization
  • Car radio: Custom music
  • Cheats
  • Skill tree
  • Crafting
  • Racing game mode
  • Remove timer on Chaos Game Mode

Online Multiplayer

We’re happy to announce that we’re actively working on Online Multiplayer, just not as a standard part of the current Chaos on Wheels. Since we started developing Chaos on Wheels, new technologies have developed and a new next-gen engine has come out, and we decided to take advantage of those opportunities and make Online Multiplayer part with new and powerful Unreal Engine 5. Chaos on Wheels: Online as we’re currently calling it will be an extension of Chaos on Wheels, but fully based on online multiplayer and with all changes we learned and gathered through feedback. Development of Chaos on Wheels: Online will not affect on the current development of Chaos on Wheels, as Chaos on Wheels: Online is just an extension of Chaos on Wheels but built with more powerful technology. Accessing to Chaos on Wheels: Online will be exclusive to Chaos on Wheels players, and playing will be through organized playtesting during the development time. The first planned playtesting is in March of 2024. To apply for playtest you need to sign up via a form that can be found on our Chaos on Wheels Discord in #appy-for-playtest channel. For more info and to be in the loop of development check out Chaos on Wheels Discord server.

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