Acodeon is a game development studio based in Croatia. A young team that believes in creating amazing games, in games created with passion that people can enjoy playing.

Chaos on Wheels is the ultimate fast-paced arena car combat game.
Take a wheel of a heavily armored car of your choice, and drive yourself to victory while shooting and destroying enemy cars, turrets, and hazards!

Demo Available on Steam

We are happy to share with you that Demo is available to download and play on Steam. We’ve worked hard for the past 6 months to …

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Monthly update – February 2023

The February update for Chaos on Wheels is here. As the demo’s release is closing in, we’ve focused our efforts on polishing, improving, balancing, and ensuring the highest quality. 

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Demo on Steam

We are so thrilled to present you a new Demo version of “Chaos on Wheels” on Steam which is coming out on March 24th.

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