Welcome to chaos

Chaos on Wheels is a vehicular combat single-player and multiplayer chaotic fast-paced game.

The story-driven game offers you many different vehicles to drive, turrets to destroy, maps to conquer, and weapons to make chaos


Play as a driver in a heavily equipped car, destroy enemies, and save the human race. Avoid enemy projectiles, traps, and hazards and bring chaos to anyone who opposes you. 

Complete achievements, unlock new items, upgrade the car, and make even more chaos. 

Each driver has its unique specialty, select yours and drive into victory.

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Upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor, or equip some of the gadgets and prepare chaos for your enemy You don’t like your car to be yellow? Make it black with visual car customization.  Add wraps, and lights, change their colors, and make it how you like it in a garage.


We’ll give you one tip. Turrets? They don’t like you but watch out for the environment. It may look pretty, but it can be pretty lethal

Play on dozens of maps, with a destructible environment created to make epic chaos.

Try it out

Try out the concept Demo. Download it from Itch.io for free now!


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Don’t believe us, take a look at our amazing content down below or try it for yourself. Development Roadmap coming soon!

Map – Valley

Map – Arena

Map – Foggy

More maps revealing coming in soon…

Don’t forget, in real life don’t attach weapons to cars, drive safe, and fasten your seatbelt.