Delta Team One

Wave based singleplayer and multiplayer co-op, first/third-person tactical shooter game.

Game about combining management, commanding, skills, and fun.
It’s not just another shooter where you buy a weapon and wander around the map killing others.

Doing the best you can in every situation you have found yourself. Whether that be low on ammo and saving it, or being surrounded and making it through.

There is a lot of shooter games today but not many of them are mixed with strategy. In Delta team one if you don’t rely on strategy, there are great chances that you would fail miserably.

Round based game with constant rotation between preparing and wave mode, with a variety of customizable weapons and equipment, different teammates, commands and game styles.

Every round is unique and can be played in countless ways. Every wave designed to be challenging, but fun. Not knowing what to expect next adds up tensions in an already hard situation.

With infinitive options on how to handle situations, not all are valid, your goal is to recognize a situation, adapt to it and find the most suitable one for the best outcome.

Play solo or co-op with friends. Choose a map to play, difficulty, match and starting money and dive into gun survival.
In a preparing mode, prepare tactics, weapons, team, and environment for an incoming wave.

Choose between dozens of weapons and customize them.
Select a team, give them orders and arm them up. You can even be any of them at any moment.

Place tactical barricades and manipulate enemies with the environment. Blow them up with mines, explosives, or cut them down with mounted machine guns.

Set yourself a cover, ammo or health packs right where you need them.

Create your custom matches, play them, share with a community, or download and try something new.

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Download concept demo and try it for yourself.