As we approach release, our changes become more minor in scope, and more detail and polish-oriented. Because of so, we decided to move to monthly updates. 

So, let’s start with a monthly update for September 2022. 

Car Imperfections

A lot of people were bothered by why our cars are so perfect. Cars looking like yesterday were on the production line, and now fighting in a harsh environment and yet still looking dope. I guess bullet holes weren’t enough, so we added scratches and some other minor details. The more damaged your car is, the more scratched it looks. If you were looking for the rust as well, stay tuned because we’ll have a surprise for you 😉
Stop talking, show me pictures! Fair enough, here it is 👇

Destructible crops

Have you ever driven by a huge field of corn, wheat, or sunflower and wondered how awesome would be if you could just make a small drive-thru? Say no more, we’re here to make that available. We added “destructible” crops 🌻🌽🌾


Animals are the new members of Chaos on Wheels. How and where you can find them, and what they do, you’ll have to wait and see for yourself, because we don’t want to piss off PETA, at least before we have to 🤔😂
Hint: it’s not something it wasn’t before in games 😋 khm… Carmageddon… khm

Destructible buildings

What car combat would be if you can’t at least some buildings destroy, right? To be honest, adding complex destructible ain’t easy, but we spend some time for you and have a few destructible to show you. Let’s hope you’ll like it! 😀

We did add some more smaller destructible, but you’ll have to wait to try it out for yourself 😎

Valley layout reworked

With all the new stuff we created, Valley map was finally on schedule to receive all the assets it has been waiting for a long time. Hopefully, it wouldn’t feel that empty anymore 😉
Valley now has a lot of destructible, nice level layout, and much interesting stuff to check out during your merciless battle. 

Vehicle trails
Landscape deformation

A small detail but awesome is landscape vehicle trails. There really isn’t much to tell, just see it. Wow! 🤩

On surface trail

Not every terrain leave deep trails, some have just surface trail. We got those too. 👇

... And other improvements

Since we did a lot more minor improvements, we won’t be showing them all, but at least we’ll name a few of them. 

  • Level Cliffs polish
  • Reduced camera shake on the main fire
  • Motion blur added
  • Support bots spawn logic reworked
  • Balancing
  • More voice actors added
  • Added more destructible on Abandoned Race track level
  • Added water reaction to vehicle movement
  • Garage ammo selection reworked
  • New names for equipment

Let us know what you think about our new driver on Discord and don’t forget to sign up for Beta 👇


That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, like our stuff, and don’t forget; leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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