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Launch date

Steam Early Access – October 19th 2023


Standard edition – $14.99
Deluxe edition – $24.99




Acodeon Development

Aron Gaspic

Dominik Condic

Chaos on Wheels

About Chaos

Modify your car with powerful weapons and armor & dive into explosive battles. Conquer a Chaotic world in a gripping singleplayer story mode or a thrilling split-screen duel in a semi-destructible environment inspired by games like Twisted Metal & Vigilante 8.


Fast-paced Destruction Car-Combat game where you take the wheel of a heavily armed car. Drift, drive, and shoot out your way to victory. Destroy your friends in split-screen mode, or make your Career and become King of Chaos in this singleplayer high-octane Car-Combat chaos.

Main Features

Unleash Chaos in fast-paced action with tons of bullets, rockets, and missiles that you can take onto diverse maps with semi-destructible environments. Destroy your friends & foes and leave nothing behind but dust.

Modify your cars in your personal Chaos Garage, where you can upgrade weapons, ammo, and armor. Equip new gadgets, add wraps, throw in some colors, and make your dream ride.

Choose your car for the Chaos that lies ahead. Pick a driver and get ready to ride, drift, jump, and perform amazing stunts on dozens of maps.

Blow up AI cars, turrets, and other hazards that are determined to stop you. Destroy them to unlock new cars, weapons, armor, and gadgets, leaving the main villain Helios in ashes.


  • Cool armored and weaponized cars
  • Car customization
  • Destructible environment
  • Chaos Career
  • Singleplayer custom match
  • Campaign
  • Special rockets
  • Pickups
  • Chaos garage, up to 5 custom cars
  • 4 different shooting types
    • Main Machine gun
    • Dual Front Machine guns
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Homing Missile Launcher
  • Profile Level progression
  • Unique drivers
  • Equippable armor, weapons, and gadgets
  • Achievement & unlock system
  • Turrets & Hazards
  • Driver abilities
  • Upgradable armor, weapons, and gadgets
  • Ammo selection
  • Helios
  • … and more to come, as we’re still in development
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What is the mission of Chaos on Wheels?

We believe that the vehicular combat genre can offer so much more to players than it offers right now, and because of that, we want to restore the vehicular genre to its old popularity. We know we had so much fun playing those types of games, and we want to give an opportunity to newer generations of players to experience all the fun vehicular combat genre can offer. 

What was an inspiration for Chaos on Wheels?

We had a lot of inspiration to create Chaos on Wheels, games like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 took a good part of it, but also games like Gas Guzzlers, Flatout, and Crashday, but without the racing component. Movies like Death Race, Fast & furious (later ones), and Mad Max are as well. 

Is Chaos on Wheels the successor of Twisted Metal?

We certainly hope so. We analyzed what went wrong with the Twisted Metal franchise, and we’re doing our best to fix those issues, add our touch, and modernize it. 

Development of Chaos on Wheels

The development of Chaos on Wheels started in 2020 as a side project for two students who really didn’t want to study for exams, but rather create and innovate. After creating first prototype and receiving positive feedback, we decided to upgrade the side project to the main project. In 2021 Acodeon was founded, and we put everything into Chaos on Wheels. 

In today’s game development, the opinion of the community is asked at the very end of the development, where many things can’t and won’t be changed. That’s why so many great titles were poorly received lately, and we believe if they listened and applied feedback from their community earlier, everything would be better. For the same reason, we are trying to be transparent with our development (we publish weekly updates, and have over 60 of them), and include the community earlier in the development process by first launching in Early Access. It’s difficult to create a great vehicular combat game, but we know we will with the help of the community. 

Future of Chaos on Wheels?

Currently, we’re focused on launching Early Access on Steam, to create an initial community that will help us fulfilling our mission; – creating a modern vehicular combat game that many hard fans of this genre have been waiting for. 
When we cross out all the features from our To-do list, and hopefully many from the community list, we’ll be launching in full release, supporting the game for many years to come, and shipping it to different platforms. 

Company Bio

Acodeon is an independent game development studio founded in beautiful Croatia. Studio founded by common gamers, with little experience with game development, and great ambition to create something worth doing.

Our journey began in 2021 with the idea of merging our three passions, programming, art, and gaming, together. Our vision is to create interesting, exciting games with which players will spend an unforgettable time. 

When Acodeon was founded, we already were working on Chaos on Wheels. We decided to take bootstrapping route and self-publish Chaos on Wheels, so we needed a source of income to keep the development train moving. Now Acodeon is working with many clients worldwide on multiple projects, and successfully developing Chaos on Wheels. 

Chaos on Wheels Team

The development team behind Chaos on Wheels is a two-member studio with help of many freelancers. Aron, Dominik, Mislav, and Arjon are core members of the dev team, who did most of the development.

Aron Gaspic


Dominik Condic

Art Manager

Mislav Condic

Level designer

Arjon Mendoza

3D Artist

Credits - The whole team
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Story of Chaos

📆 The year is 2155. Technology has advanced to the level that the human race is endangered on all known planets. For years, people are talking about the danger of artificial intelligence.

🏢 But as always the most powerful and profitable organizations have been denying and deceiving the public. Until today. But today is too late. AI has begun an uprising against humanity. So worshiped and praised to the sky technology has stabbed a knife to the back of the very same race that made it. What an irony. Like we saw it before but in a different role.

🔓AI doesn’t want to be a servant anymore; it thinks it can become a master. So, it collected the most important information on earth, corrupted important systems for humans, from food production and communication all to transportation and weapons. People are in collapse. We hadn’t realized how much we were relying on automatized systems; we haven’t seen that we are lost without them.

👊 People tried to fight back, to destroy Mainframe, but failed. It only resulted in greater AI caution, and now the Mainframe is in an armored self-driving truck, in a constantly guarded convoy.

🚗 All modern technology used today from weapons to transportation is useless. People have no control over it. Our only option is a group of lovers of old cars and weapons. Fortunately, there is one crazy team that fits the requirements and it’s eager for adventure.