Chaos on Wheels is just as much about customizing and upgrading your cars as it is about destruction! In fact, equipping the right gadgets from within the Chaos Garage will let you wreak even more havoc across the game’s many maps. But how exactly does customization work?

Within the Chaos Garage, players can choose exactly how to customize their vehicles of destruction. Manage your special garage where you can choose to equip turrets, guns, armor, and new gadgets to make the most chaotic car possible. In total, there are five car slots available, allowing players to have a variety of builds ready at any given time. Swap different armor types, equip them individually, change front guns, select your favorite car turret, add radar, and many more things in Chaos Garage!

But customization isn’t restricted to just weapons and armor. Chaos on Wheels also lets you adjust how your vehicle looks. Don’t like a car’s color? You can change it! Still not satisfied?  Swap various wraps, lights, and other options to completely personalize your ride.

There’s no shortage of ways to customize your vehicles in Chaos on Wheels. From picking the right armor, to selecting the perfect turret, and even changing your vehicle’s wheels and body type, Chaos on Wheels gives you plenty of options.

Chaos Garage features:

  • 5 slots for your cars
  • Screenshot and overlook of your cars
  • Inventory (stuff you own)
  • Shop (purchasing cars/armor/main-guns/front-guns/gadgets/ammo)
  • Black Market (special offers that rotate over time)
  • Achievements overlook
  • Challenges overlook
  • Profile overlook
  • Car status overlook
  • Driver selection
  • Driver style/skin selection

Car Customization features:

  • Select main gun (Turret)
  • Select front guns
  • Select armor
  • Equip additional missile box
  • Color type selection (Gloss/Matte/Metallic)
  • Color change for car body
  • Color change for car wheels
  • Color change for car calipers
  • Color change for car front lights
  • Underglow light on/off
  • Color change for underglow light
  • Windows color and opacity selection
  • Car body wrap

But the work has only just begun! There are many new customization features in the works, which will come after the game’s Early Access launch. Car decals are one of the priorities for customization, allowing players to add custom decals/stickers on their ride. Country flags and customizable text will be available as decal options. In addition, performance customization will be added at a later date, adding the ability to swap engines, upgrade chassis, drive train, and much more.

How do you plan on customizing your chaos-wreaking rides?

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That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, and don’t forget… leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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