Hey fellow Chaos Crew Members! 

We’re back with another update and this one is going to be interesting. As you all know, Chaos on Wheels is all about destruction and, of course, chaos. But why? What’s it all for? Other than, because it’s awesome, of course. Well, did you know that Chaos on Wheels features a pretty crazy story behind it all? We wanted to provide you with a bit more information about Helios and the world of Chaos Crew, so here’s the rundown! 

Chaos on Wheels is based in the year 2155, where technology has advanced far beyond human intelligence. Despite years of discussions about the dangers of artificial intelligence, the corporation IronCore pushed to put all technology into one interface. After that, they contracted an AI to run point on all systems. This AI was named Helios, who took control of everything in an instant. From transportation grids to communication, food production and weapons systems, it all went dark. And now the human race is endangered on all known planets due to their ambitions. 

It isn’t as though humanity didn’t try to fight back. They attacked the Mainframe but failed, resulting in even greater caution from the AI enemy. The Mainframe is now an armored self-driving truck guarded by a powerful convoy. All modern technology, from weapons to transportation is useless, and it’s all controlled by them. The only hope for humanity? A group of humans that have a love for old cars and weapons. 

This is the Chaos Crew, and this is where you come in.

An eccentric and excitable group of drivers ready for adventure, the Chaos Crew may just be the last group with plans for eliminating the AI threat and taking back technology for the human race. This group is full of rage and is just vying for some epic destruction! They’ve managed to establish an HQ under the nose of Helios and his systems in order to make plans, strategize and deck out their cars with the best of what humanity has to offer. 

Each driver has their own story and their own motivations, but the goal of the Chaos Crew as a group is one thing and one thing only – take back what’s ours!

-Acodeon Team-

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That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, and don’t forget… leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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