The update for sunny June has arrived ⏫
In the previous month, our focus was on the visual parts of the game. Check out car tuning, driver skins and rainy Village visual update.

Car Tuning

More love has been given to car customization 🛠 This time it is all about the visuals of your chaos machine. As usual, you can change color but now you can also add “body wrap” with a pattern of your choice. Your lights, windows and wheels also can change color. The video below will explain it better than words. Take a look! 😎

Driver Skins

Everybody has unique tastes in looks, so we added driver skins to “hopefully” match your taste. You wanna see Sunshine without her helmet? Be our guest 😌

Village - Visual Improvement

Back when we released the first Demo version for “Chaos on Wheels” our first map was dark-rainy Valley at night. Throughout the development, we change it to be calmer and more colourful. So we transferred the dark-rainy mood to our Village map. It used to be just the Village at night but now it is a rainy dark place with thunders roaming the sky ⚡⛈

Other improvements

We made a lot of minor improvements but there is nothing much to say so we will only name a few of them.

  • Village Balancing
  • Snow Forest Camp Balancing
  • Destructible sounds improvement
  • Driver ability adjust
  • Career Driver implementation

Let us know what you think about our update on Discord and don’t forget to sign up for Beta 👇


That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, and don’t forget… leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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