Welcome back Chaos Crew! 💥

The team has been hard at work the last few weeks and wanted to post a quick update about the state of Chaos on Wheels and what we’ve got coming up!

First, we have officially announced the game and hope that this means more folks joining our Discord and the community. More Chaos Crew means more mayhem! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to update everyone on any game changes or updates, including this month’s demo update!

Here are some of the changes you’ll notice when jumping into the demo:

  • 2-player split screen has been enabled in local play.
  • There are now daily, weekly, and monthly challenges in Career.
  • We’ve added Steam Achievements.
  • There are additional car visual customizations (full body wrap, headlight color options, under glow lights, windscreen tint, and wheel color customization).
  • We’ve added Chaos Game Mode.
  • More equipment, cars, and items are available in the Career shop.
  • The Black Market is now available in Career.
  • Driver styles are available in Career.
  • We have separated drivers and drivers’ abilities in Career.
  • We have implemented squads in Career.

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting more blogs like this one that will take a deeper dive into Chaos on Wheels to give you a closer look at development, the vehicles, all of the customization options, and more. And as we inch close to our Early Access release date, we hope to start inviting some of your favorite content creators to try out the game for themselves. Any feedback we receive during this time is super valuable and will help us deliver the best game possible for everyone!

Thanks very much as always for all of your support; we look forward to sharing even more news as we head toward 2024!

-Acodeon Team-

Let us know what you think about our first Dev Blog on Discord and don’t forget to sign up for Beta 👇


That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, and don’t forget… leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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