The May update for Chaos on Wheels has arrived. This update brought a map revamp, hazards and career improvements. Check it out! ⬇

Snow Forest Path - Revamp

The map that stands out from the rest just received an upgrade. The design of the map stayed the same.. wide snow road across winter forests.. but we added side-road areas for players to explore, fight Helios’ army, and gather pickups to survive or to crush enemies in a more Chaotic way 💥

“A white shining path which leads to the exit of the snowy nightmare. A road made of endless winter forests, surrounded by natural and Helios’ hazards.”

Hazard - Leftover & Reward

Hazards were kind of left behind in previous months so this time we gave them care. Now it is even more satisfying to blow them up because once they are destroyed, the player will be rewarded with random pickup 🎁

Additionally, leftovers will be left behind to mark your rage 😈

Career Items

Wanna try yourself in Chaos Carrer? 💥
Carrer allows you to progress thru Chaos World starting low and building up to become King of Chaos. While building Carrer, Garage is gonna be a place to make your Chaos machine and the Market is where you gonna spend your money 💰

That is why we added thumbnails on all items available in the Market. Now they are easy to recognise and give you brief visual info on what you are buying 😌

Black Market

Do you like to wait for prices to drop or find another cheaper supplier to make your spending most officiant? 💲
Well, we got a brand new feature for you inside the Market.

It is called Black Market and it allows you to make smart deals for your future Career. Items inside Black Market are temporary to purchase and once the next shipping is ready, Black Market refreshes with new deals. So be ready 😉

Other improvements

We made a lot of minor improvements but there is nothing much to say so we will only name a few of them.

  • Campaign car sockets
  • Chapter 4 & 5 balance 
  • Lock conditions
  • Steam Cloud saving
  • Career gameplay adjustment
  • …and more

Let us know what you think about our update on Discord and don’t forget to sign up for Beta 👇


That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, like our stuff, and don’t forget; leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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