This week was mostly spend on fixing things up on Chaos on Wheels but that is not all. We got new features that will take the gameplay to the next level and here they are. Enjoy!



Bullets as a new feature? 

Yeah, they are not new… but they have been upgraded.

Now they are separated into 5 different levels which are represented by a different color.
Since in the middle of an action it is impossible to see bullets, the picture above will show you a closer look at the bullets and the picture below will show you bullets in action.


Since you are exposed to turret’s eyes almost all the time we thought it would be nice if there is a guardian Angel behind you (sometimes). 

Laser is attached to a car and when he senses projectile nearby he is gonna protect you. 

Good guy laser.


You are lost on the map? 
You can’t find the last turret to demolish because he is crying and hiding somewhere? 

Radar is here to make these problems go away.

Good guy radar.

That was all for this week’s update on Chaos on Wheels. Have a good weekend and see you next week. 

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