With new rides constantly coming to Chaos on Wheels, it would be fitting to give them a proper garage. 

This week Chaos Crew has been upgraded with a new garage. A new place for resting their babies. A new garage is much bigger, wider and also contains an area for Chaos Crew to rest or make plans for bringing Helios down.

Once you obtain a new car or any other collectible, the garage is going to be a place where you will store your items. In the garage, you will be able to choose a car from your collection and customize it as you wish. From the “Crew” area you will be able to pick a driver of your choice.
In simple words: Choose your ride 🚘 -> Customize it 🔧 -> Pick a driver 🧍 -> Head into a battlefield and leave nothing but CHAOS! 💥 

Check out the official Steam page and let Chaos on Wheels slide into your wishlist. 😉

That is all for this week. Stay awesome and see you guys next week. 👋

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