New sharp design

Hello again in a new weekly update! This week we bring you a new spikes design. It ain’t much but it’s honest work. 👍

Spike wall

Any wall is a bad decision to ram, but spike wall? That one is too much even for an armored car. What we can advise besides keep away from the spiked wall as you would from driving famous Fiat Multipla 🤣
If you’re too curious to find out what happens if you ram your armored car in spike wall, check out the video 👇

Tire spikes

What would be a good driving game without good ol’ tire spikes? Agree, boring… So we have these normally-looking tire spikes that sparks and everything. 

Explosive spikes

Do you know what is hard? I don’t think that, and shouldn’t you either… Escaping these ones. You better not find yourself on their lineup. That glued C4 ain’t there to make it look fabulous

Spike Fist

A fist-shaped spike you say? That’s new. You may want to get friendly with it but remember, it’s not a bro fist, so probably isn’t a good idea to try to bump it. A titanium-litanium-steelanium-aluminamium solid fist ain’t a joke *don’t look for a punchline*. Especially when it punches you to the sky when a feature *replace with bug* happens. Mark my words. 🤜🚘🤛

Spike pit

And last BUT LEAST, cause did you really fall into this one?
Don’t feel down, you ain’t the first one.
Anyway, for spike pit, we’ll leave for you to find out what happens when you fall in. *SPOILER ALERT* you die.  


You reached the end of this unbelievable funny post successfully. It’s been a thorny road but you did it. You son of a *car noise*, you did it!

This is it for this week, it’s been a spiky week, we wish you the best in a new one, and see you next week! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, ring a bell, make dinner, try out game, share, and all that!

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