New valley

This week brings some refreshment to the Valley map. Yep! We are talking about map rework.

As we said, from time to time we go back to old stuff and make them even better. This time Valley map got our attention. The overlay of the map has stayed almost the same but we bought in some new stuff to make the Valley more unique. We are talking about the river, wheat fields, vegetation improvements, new props, and much more… Rework made the map more exciting and enjoyable to play. Here is a brand new Valley, enjoy!

Apart from a visual rework of the map, Valley has been upgraded with destruction. The major destruction system is still in development but we are happy to you present to you guys some flavor of the future destruction. Don’t let anything stand in your way… and enjoy the new destructible environment.

If you wish to try Chaos on Wheels – download the latest version of the game from or wishlist it on Steam.

That is all for this week. Stay awesome and see you guys next week.

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