Unreal engine 5 is available to early access

Early access to Unreal Engine 5 is now available!

Why would you care? 
– Excellent question. 
Well with a new Engine, and all its features, we’d be able to deliver you more beautiful and exciting games than ever before. 
We’ve been waiting and relying on some technology that Unreal Engine 5 brings for our game in development Chaos on Wheels. From enhanced visual technology; Nanite, new lighting; Lumen, and of course Chaos physics. We’d be glad to use them all to bring you the best Chaos on Wheels experience! 

Currently Unreal engine 5 is in Early Access, and it’s not production-ready, but we’ll keep developing our prototype mechanics for it, and once it’s ready we’ll bring its whole power to our project. 

More info could be found on the Unreal engine 5 website

Check it out, and stay awesome!