recruit arrived and hud received an update

The enemy is getting stronger every day, so a new recruiter comes to help. This week Chaos on Wheels got a brand new character. AI must be stoped. For better chances to win Chaos team recruited a new driver. 


Roy Rold is in love with cars and likes big guns, so he is a perfect guy for this job, right? Well not exactly. Roy has never been in some real action. That’s the reason why he got the nickname “Rookie“. He is still fresh but something tells me that he is gonna fit perfectly into the Chaos team.  


It was a long time since we worked on HUD but we haven’t forgotten about it. HUD has been updated with some new icons and improvements. Take a look at the pictures to get a better view of the improved HUD.

That’s it for this week. Stay awesome and see you guys next week. 

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