New loading screens

This week we have new loading screens. Dominik made this awesome frame and put new updated images of the game as new loading screens. With some of them, you might be familiar already. On this bottom flat area are game tips suited to help you out. Read them before you engage in a fight. Or are you one of those? 

We hope you are, ‘cus those are sweet problems… and in that case, our game is probably very well optimized 😎 
Anyway enjoy our new loading screens, and let us know if you have some awesome images that may be new loading screens. 

We’ll also give you and preview of the game story, but only Chapter one. Do not get greedy 😋
Here is our campaign Chapter One loading screen. It’s still in development, as it needs to have correction of lighting and some filters I guess… I don’t know, I don’t do art 😆

That’s it for this weekly update on Chaos on Wheels, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Have a great weekend, stay awesome, and see you next week!

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