AI Joins the Battle

Hello folks! The last week in the year we saved up for one sweet candy! AI Cars. 🚘 
We couldn’t let you go in the new year without this one 😉
Don’t get your hopes for them too high, our main priority is to polish the multiplayer experience, but we know we all have days when we just want to destroy that stupid AI and give ourselves that dopamine boost we need after a lousy day. Well, have no worry. We got you covered. Our AI can drive, and shoot without any problems. It might not be the smartest kid in the class but it can do its job, and if you don’t watch out, you’ll wave to your precious car on the junkyard, very quickly. 🚗💥😭


You wanna know how it looks like when you put a bunch of angry AI cars in limited space? Me too. Let’s watch it! 👇

Human Joins the Mayhem

It’s cool to watch them fight, but not even remotely fun as being part of the mayhem! Once we improve our sound and visual effects it will be less painful mayhem 😂😂 Till then watch out how Chaos gets its shape! 🔥💥🚗🚘🔥🚀🔥

Maybe I should fight them all alone. To make it fair 😎🤣
That’s it for this week! Stay awesome, like our stuff, and don’t forget; leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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