Main Menu

Before heading into chaos πŸ’₯ and showing who is da boss 😎, take your time to relax in a peaceful main menu scene. This week new scene for the main menu arrived. While on the battlefield there is nothing but chaos πŸ’₯ it would be fitting to make some relaxation on the way to the chaos πŸ’₯. That is why we are giving you a peaceful night with stars ⭐ and only a car on the road.

Your ride

The main menu won’t be just a place to press some buttons. It is going to be a stage to highlight your baby πŸ€—. Unlock cars, collect armor, customize your ride in a garage as you wish and every time you enter the main menu your ride will be there to remind you how awesome your taste in cars is 😌.

Check out the official Steam page and bring Chaos on Wheels into your wishlist. πŸ˜‰

That is all for this week. Stay awesome and see you guys next week. πŸ‘‹

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