Chaos on Wheels is upgraded with a more heavy weapon. Great, right? Don’t celebrate yet.
The upgrades are coming to hazards so prepare and let’s dive into this week’s updates. 


Turrets started to feel lonely so we had to give them “little” companions. Missile silos are a brand new hazard to ruin your day.
They just sit on the ground and look kinda harmless but wait till they open their cap. If you are brave enough take a peek at what is beneath the cap.
For now, there are 3 types of silos:
1. Mini – just mini silos, mini rocket, and mini damage.
2. Casual – if you are low on health don’t interfere with this silo
3. Deadly – Doesn’t matter what is your condition you should look for a way to not get hit by this silo’s rocket.
If they start to annoy you, you can always make them go boom or even more satisfying, shot their rocket and blow their weapon into their own face. 


We just talked about how turrets started to feel lonely so we gave them companions but that is not all.
We gave them a new defense. Get too close and you won’t have to deal with turret only.
Mini silos and spikes are there to protect the turret from your wickedness.

That is all for this week on Chaos on Wheels – weekly update. Stay awesome and see you next week.

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