Chaos on wheels has new driver and turret

This week’s updates on Chaos on Wheels are new driver, turret base, spike hazards. Yeah I know, spikes aren’t in the title. The title would be too long, and now just you; who read this shall know. You are privileged, so you’re welcome. 

We also have a new map and car in development, and we’ll have it ready very soon. So stay tuned. 

Let’s dive into new updates!

Driver - Racer

What driver type would be an absolute must in a vehicular game? Of course – a racer!


Because it’s a racer we added one. A cool one, with a helmet, race suit, and everything. Just like it should be.

We believe many of you want to be properly dressed when driving an awesome supercar heavily armored with epic weapons. And you should have.

You never know when that race suit and helmet may save your life. I doubt it’s gonna be in the middle of a vehicular gunfight with technologically advanced turrets, but who am I to know that.

Or maybe you just want to be dressed as an old saying says… or a meme 

Or just be a Stig. Whatever, we’re fine and got you covered. 

What is racers driver ability? – Excellent question!

Racer’s driver ability is an instant boost. It seems appropriate for the racer to have some advantage in speed. They are thought in race school to race at high speeds, right? So why shouldn’t it be a boost? You don’t agree? Let us know and we may think about it if you have some solid arguments. 

And lastly, did you notice that they are having different outfits? That’s because you’ll be able to have different outfits for each character. You won’t have to wear the same race suit all the time. Some you may need to earn, but hey, fight for those outfits, and wear them proudly. 

Turret Base

One of our turrets has a new base. For this epic concrete bunker-style base, we can thank our new Acodeon team member Tadeo. He designed and make it all by himself, and we love it.

We hope you can’t wait to be destroying this turret because we surely can’t. 

Hazard spikes

For new hazards, we have
spikes. There are 3 types of spikes.

     1. Static – Just defending turret and waiting for a car to spike himself up.
     2. Puncher – When the car comes close enough it punches it and deal damage and punch you away from the turret. 
     3. Destroyer – Similar to a puncher but doesn’t punch you away instead it stabs the car and explode, leaving you surrendered on the scene. 


That would be all from this week’s updates. We hope you like them. If you have any suggestions, let us know down below. 

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