Rocket Launcher Fire

Hello folks! Same as always, new week new update! We have new interested mechanics for you this week. 
First is rocket launcher firing. Instead of boring one per one rocket, we decided to go with multiple rocket fires. We had rocket launchers with many rockets and barrels, so we adjusted firing to that. To balance things out, with properties we already had, we added RPM and total reload time so everything is just how it should be. 
How does it works, you wonder? Let me tell you. 🚀🚀🚀
Let’s say the rocket launcher has 4 rockets, or barrels, and 600 RPM. You start firing, and quite soon (in 0.4 seconds to be precise) you fired all 4 rockets. Nice right? So now you have to wait reload time, which isn’t bad, and you’re ready to fire again. But if you have equipped Grenade’s rocket launcher and you have 18 rockets at your disposal. Well, if you shoot them all you’ll have to wait a lot (like a lot) of time to fire again. You can’t fire until reload is fully complete, but you can early reload. Let’s say you’ve fired 6 rockets, and still have 12 left, but it’s safe, so you decided to reload. Now you will have to wait for only 1/3 (6/18) of the total reload time. It gives players the ability to better manage their resources, and create a great tactical layer in Chaos on Wheels. 
Only one thing is left to do, and that is to show it 😎🚗 Enjoy this short video of real stress release on practice targets! 💥🎯💥

We can’t wait to see what will you prefer, but we won’t need to wait long! Stay tuned as the official DEMO is coming very soon!
That’s it for this week! Stay awesome, like our stuff, and don’t forget; leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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