Last-minute salvation

It is time to finally announce 🛠️ Pick-ups. They have been in the plan for far too long and now they are here.
With them, the whole gameplay experience has jumped to a new level. Keep your eyes open and don’t let any pick-up slides right beside you. 😉

🛠️ Health - Instant 🛠️

🔧 Health - OverTime 🔧

Regenerates a certain amount of health once obtained.

Regenerates a certain amount of health over some time.

🔨 Armor 🔨

🚀 Missile 🚀

Regenerates a certain amount of armor once obtained.

Reloads a certain amount of missiles.

❄️ Weapon Heat ❄️

💠 Driver Ability 💠

Cools down the weapon heat once obtained.

Refreshes the driver’s ability once obtained.

Check out the official Steam page and bring Chaos on Wheels into your wishlist. 🛠️

That is all for this week. Stay awesome and see you guys next week. 👋

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