A new year a new update 🎇. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and you are ready to shine in 2023. This update won’t be particularly long but despite the holidays, Acodeon team brought you a new update for Chaos on Wheels. Another two maps are set and ready for Early Access.

👇 Check out some of the updates we did last month! 👇


The mission for upgrading our maps is still going. This time, Village got reworked upside-down 🙃. We decided to make a brand new layout for the Village and we did it. With a new layout, the map feels more natural.. just a small innocent village surrounded by a green environment. Described in 2 words – small and peaceful. But not anymore. Helios is there and chaos came with him. It is on you now to bring peace once again.

“Once a peaceful place filled with joy and carelessness now is turned into a prison. Now no one is safe while Helios’s army lurks in the streets.”


To be honest, Abandoned Race Track was looking too “clean” to be called abandoned. Now when her time came for the polish, we ruined her 😜. The atmosphere of the map now gives a more “abandoned” vibe. Dirty road, garbage on the ground, old barrels everywhere, tall grass, and of course Helios’s army.

“Long forgotten place for car lovers now collects rust and dust. It might be abandoned but it is far from a safe place.”

other improvements

We made a lot of minor improvements but there is nothing much to say so we will only name a few of them.

  • Mud pit rework
  • New map thumbnails
  • New intro videos
  • Lights poles adjustment
  • Weather system adjustment
  • …and more

Let us know what you think about our update on Discord and don’t forget to sign up for Beta 👇


That’s it for this month! Stay awesome, like our stuff, and don’t forget; leave nothing but chaos! 💥

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