Chaos on wheels gets new hazards

This week Chaos on Wheels gets its new hazards. Besides its old hazards; mines, tire spikes, and accelerator, we now have mud pit and destructible trees. 

Before we jump on new hazards let’s take a look at our old ones.  

Mine . . .

Mine – What would be vehicular combat game be if there are no mines? 

Mines are simple, you step on it, it explodes. Simple as that. The only thing left to do is beautiful explosion effect and sound that would make you rethink your decision about this path. 

We think we got it. One last thing to do is to perfectly set the right amount of explosion force. We’ll tweak that for sure. 

. . .Tire spikes

Also one of the classics – Tire spikes 

Usually, you’d expect them from cops, but here they are just laying there. Who puts them there? Depends who’s asking. 

As per usual, if you cross over tire spikes you puncture yours… you guess it, tire. Why change something that works for so many generations.

If you don’t like to look after your tires, you could always reinforce your tires and cross over as many as you want spikes. 

Accelerators . . .

Where are cars – there are accelerators. Well, for most of the time. 

Same old, same old. You hit it, it accelerates you. Also simple, also not innovative, we know, but how could we not include it? You know you want them.

Those big arrows aren’t just randomly pointed. It accelerates you in a direction where are pointing, very logical. So what happens if you hit it from the wrong side? Well, it slows you down. I know, shocking.

Anyway, they are a lot of fun, but always keep an eye where they are pointing.

And now, new stuff

Mud pit

Mud pit is something not so common. We told ya’ we’re gonna add something innovative.

Once you get in a mud pit, you’ll be slowed down real nice. Just like you would in a real one. There is one catch. There is an easy way out. But of course, we won’t tell you, we aren’t grinch, we don’t want to spoil the surprise. 

Destructible trees

Destructible tree is satisfying one hazard. It’s very pleasing to watch how the tree is falling, and all it because of you. The best part is that you know you don’t have to worry about global warming, and can sleep peacefully. Once you restart a level, that tree is magically grown.

Let’s watch how it falls down. If you don’t think it’s satisfying, just get under it, we can’t help you.

That would be all from this week’s updates. We’re hoping you like them and we’ll try to add a lot of new hazards, if you have suggestions, write them down, we’ll be happy to read them. 

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