Chaos on Wheels January Sale

Gear up for an epic car combat adventure with Chaos on Wheels! Get it on sale, with a 34% discount! Buy Standard edition or Deluxe bundle…

Chaos on Wheels Roadmap & Future plans

Since the release of Chaos on Wheels in Early Access, we were listening players feedback, and trying to align feedback with our vision for…

Christmas update: Major rebalancing

With the Christmas update, we’re bringing not only an in-game Christmas-themed event but major changes to Chaos on Wheels…

Meet us at Reboot InfoGamer

We’re happy to say that we’re joining this year’s Reboot InfoGamer, and we’ll be presenting Chaos on Wheels …

Early Access Release

We’re happy to announce that Chaos on Wheels is in Early Access on Steam! Hop on the Steam Page and try it out now with 10% off with…

Monthly updates

Monthly update – March 2023

Monthly update – March 2023

Apr 4, 20233 min read
The March update for Chaos on Wheels is here. As you might know, we released a demo last month, so we will outline all the significant …
Monthly update – February 2023

Monthly update – February 2023

Mar 7, 20233 min read
The February update for Chaos on Wheels is here. As the demo’s release is closing in, we’ve focused our efforts on polishing, improving, balancing, and ensuring the highest quality. 
Monthly update – January 2023

Monthly update – January 2023

Feb 7, 20232 min read
The January update for Chaos on Wheels is here. On the art side, maps are still our primary focus. On the development side, AI got upgraded.
Monthly update – December 2022

Monthly update – December 2022

Jan 9, 20232 min read
This update won’t be particularly long but despite the holidays, Acodeon team brought you a new update for Chaos on Wheels.