Early Access Release Date

Jump Behind the Wheel of the Ultimate Destruction Machine in Chaos on Wheels, Coming This October…

Demo Available on Steam

We are happy to share with you that Demo is available to download and play on Steam. We’ve worked hard for the past 6 months to …

Demo on Steam

We are so thrilled to present you a new Demo version of “Chaos on Wheels” on Steam which is coming out on March 24th.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the Acodeon team! 

Early Access Release Delay

With the new opportunities coming, we’ve made the decision to delay Chaos on Wheels’ Early Access release to 2023. We’ll have more news…

Demo Released

We’re happy to say that the Chaos on Wheels Demo is released! You can try it for free on Steam. With completing this big milestone, we’re …

Chaos on Wheels Roadmap

It’s here! Chaos on Wheels Roadmap. Steam Early Access Roadmap contains what you can expect in further development of…

Demo Release Announcement

We’re proud to announce a Chaos on Wheels Demo release! Save the date for 24th March 2022. On our first anniversary of founding Acodeon …

Monthly updates

Monthly update – December 2022

Monthly update – December 2022

Jan 9, 20232 min read
This update won’t be particularly long but despite the holidays, Acodeon team brought you a new update for Chaos on Wheels.
Monthly update – November 2022

Monthly update – November 2022

Dec 5, 20223 min read
This month was really focused on maps and optimization. The good thing is we can show you the maps because we …
Monthly update – October 2022

Monthly update – October 2022

Nov 2, 20222 min read
New month, a new update on Chaos on Wheels! October passed and a new monthly update is ready! Check out some of the updates we did last month.
Monthly update – September 2022

Monthly update – September 2022

Sep 2, 20223 min read
Our changes become more minor in scope, and more detail and polish-oriented. Because of so, we decided to move to monthly updates.